Women in Sport – A Documentary by Cosmopolita Scotland

In this Special Issue on Gender, we’ve been lucky to have documentary filmmaker Nerea Zubimendi on the team at Cosmopolita Scotland. As a keen sportswoman herself, she wanted to find out what about the situation for women in sport. How did it differ between Scotland and her home in the Basque Country? Her short documentary starts with a bang, when Nerea took to the streets to ask a difficult question to Scottish rugby fans.

Nerea Zubimendi



Autor: Alex Owen-Hill

Alex is an Edinburgh freelance writer and blogger. As an ex-robotics researcher he's passionate about science and fascinating research in any field. He's also a dedicated food geek, filmmaker and occasional jazz musician. You can find him at www.AlexOwenHill.co.uk or on Twitter at @AlexOwenHill.

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