Un * Dependence Film Festival a new event this weekend in Edinburgh

A new film festival has arisen in Edinburgh. Organized by Pop up! Scotland, Un * Dependence Film Festival is inspired by the creative and political spirit that emerged in Scotland last year. They offer 27 movies in 6 passes will be screened in four locations in the city of Edinburgh. The festival began Thursday and ends tomorrow Sunday March 22.


Andrea Vega Redondo

Dependence Film Festival searched in the film world to find interesting stories about changes, dependency and identity. Its main intention is to entertain the audience with a worldwide selection of films and short movies from Palestina, Spain, Slovenia or China.

Each pass has a particular theme. This can deal with topics topics such as love or some more controversial as politics or gender inequality.

In order to add an extra touch of excitement, viewers will wait for clues to discover the specific places where films will be screened today. 

Attendees will enjoy the following program:

Chefurs Raus (115:00 + 15 minute break)
Saturday, 21 March, 19: 00 -?

  • Boulevard  End
  • Chefurs Raus

The Human Condition (90:00 + 15 minute interval)
Sunday, 22 March, 19: 00 – Brass Monkey, Drummond St.

  • A Fine Day For Bananafish
  • Sunny
  • Bahar in Wonderland
  • Under The Pillow
  • Rabbit Punch
  • Torture
  • Mental Asylum

Bintou (106:00 + 15 minute break)
Sunday, 22 March, 21: 30 – Brass Monkey, Drummond St.

  • She (short)
  • Minerita (short)
  • Bintou (feature film)

You can buy your tickets here: http://undependence.co.uk/programme/tickets/

Autor: Andrea Vega Redondo

Profesional de medios audiovisuales afrontando nuevos retos en Escocia

Audiovisual media professional facing new challenges in Scotland.

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