The People of Scotland Show Their Solidarity in the Refugee Festival

Scotland is hosting the Refugee Festival until the 21st of June. The programme includes concerts, theater plays, dance shows, visual arts, debates, screenings, workshops in communities and schools, food events and football competition.


Noelia Martínez

The event organised by the Scottish Refugee Council, inaugurated in 1985, takes place across the country (i.e. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Skye).
To mark the 30th anniversary the Scottish Refugee Council has curated a special strand of birthday events. Highlights include Being Human– a programme of visual art by Iranian refugee artists at The Arches;  and a celebration of the Glasgow Girlsstory, including a screening, discussion featuring the Glasgow Girls (celebrating their 10th anniversary) and live musical performances taken from the National Theatre for Scotland’s sell-out musical productionGlasgow Girls.

On the 17th of June the festival will award those media projects that have covered refugee topics. On the 20th of June, The Refugee International Day, there will be a special programme with different events including a multicultural market at Soutshide Souk in Pollock National Park, with music and theatre performances, and world gastronomy and with a screening of Buena Vista Social Club in Glasgow.

An event to celebrate cultural diversity in Scotland

The purpose of Refugee Festival Scotland is to deliver positive educational messages that counter fear, ignorance and negative stereotypes of refugees, through arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK, and promote understanding about the reasons why people seek sanctuary.

As the UK General Election generates heated debate around migration, sometimes hostile and ill-informed, Scottish Refugee Council’s three-week Refugee Festival Scotland in June is set to Celebrate a diverse and welcoming Scotland that upholds the rights, protection and dignity of refugees and recognises their positive impact on Scottish cultural life.

Suzi Maciver, Arts and Cultural Co-ordinator for Scottish Refugee Council, says: “We wanted this year’s theme to shine a different light on the story of refugees in Scotland and to show what positive qualities they bring to Scottish culture, as well as the genuinely warm and open-hearted relationships that have developed between local communities and people rebuilding their lives here.”

The festival is an opportunity to know and get involved the local communities with the different refugee groups. This enriches cultural diversity as well as personal and society development.

For more information, contact Media Officers Rachel Hamada or Pauline Diamond on 0141 223 7927 or

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