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InvisibleLines EloyVelazquez

An exhibition of Spanish artists is opened in the Forest Center Plus (Edinburgh). Invisible Lines deals with the different perceptions about the material and inmaterial. The artists are Ricardo Cavada, José Cobo, Ana Díez, Juan Carlos Fernández, Daniel Gutiérrez Adán and Eloy Velázquez. The goverment of Cantabria organices the exhibition. Invisible Lines will be open until 27th June in the Interview Room 11 Gallery.


Jonattan Lozano

What we see: the porosity of the real, the magnetic attraction of what remains hidden and in waiting; the dialectic of life with emptiness and absence; the convulsions of seeing and the fetishist pretensions to convert everything into object and merchandise, an externalised vision, covetous and seduced, so distant from that other sight which precedes even light itself; the aura of bodies, their lightness, their heat, but also their cold, their weight, the flesh subject to the oxidations of time; the arrogance of the eye, its compulsion to capture, to reveal, this removing of the veil to reach the life of things; the narcotic power of images, their fascination and appearance; the need to find pathways between the visible and the invisible and to preserve shadows and darkness as if areas of resistance; the enigmatic figuration of works that are open, solid or evanescent, questioning; the derogated constitution of our own selves, our fragility and disquiet, these invisible yet intensely perceived lines that provoke a strange intake of breath, the work of art, what takes place.

[cml_media_alt id='2634']InvisibleLinesJoseCobo[/cml_media_alt]The work of Ricardo Cavada is an extensive meditation, a silent questioning characterised by its reflexive by its reflexive intensity and symbolic condensation. His paintings are stripping down where nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous, a magma of origin, a place of enigmas in which colour and its tonal values acquire true protagonism, without dogmatisms.

José Cobo creates intense emotional architectures where bodies and souls -auras- bear witness to our fragile existential morphology. The work of the artist, the narrative figuration, shows us the processes of its configuration. The perceptible and the intelligible are handles with which José Cobo turns the mill of reality.

The work of Ana Díez is an inexhaustible source of ideas and suggestions. It is an allegory of life and the lived through a slowly turning carousel, like a mechanical dervish, reproducing the unceasing flow of life and from which hangs, with dreamlike symbolism, white nightdresses gracefully turning in a dialectic of circular repetition representing the continuity of existence.

Juan Carlos Fernández Izquierdo explores the body -his own-, registering the passage of time, the “swift time”, of his own orography, a mapa mundi crossed by invisible meridians and parallels. The unblinking eye of the camera writes and describes the biography of the artist.

Daniel Gutiérrez Adán offers us a projection of words at floor level, with sounds that speak of our exposure and vulnerability as a solitary animal, our disconcerting condition of improvisation and uncertainty. It is a text of disquiet, a lexicon of desolation.

Eloy Velázquez offers us the story of the bare flesh, the devastating erosion of time on pathetic and distorted figures which, as showcase and mirror, challenge our vision.

By Fernando Abascal. The inhabited eye (2015)

Photos by David Guillén

Invisible Lines
Artists: Ricardo Cavada, José Cobo, Ana Díez, Juan Carlos Fernández, Daniel Gutiérrez Adán, Eloy Velázquez

Exhibition Dates: 29 May – 27 June 2015
Venue: interviewroom11
38 Castle Terrace
Edinburgh EH3 9SJ
Gallery Open: Wed-Fri 2-7pm / Sat 11am-2pm
Opening event: Friday 29 May 6-8pm

Autor: Jonathan Lozano

Programador de aplicaciones multiplataforma interesado en el anime/manga y el periodismo independiente. Linkedin.

Programmer of multi-platform software interested on anime/manga and independent journalism. Linkedin.

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