(Until 10/19/2015 – Edinburgh) The Edinburgh World Justice Festival: Global justice around the streets of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh World Justice Festival returns to the capital of Scotland until the 19th of October with a schedule full of events about social justice and international development.


In [cml_media_alt id='4314']Edinburgh-World-Justice-Festival-Logo[/cml_media_alt]the summer of 2005, while the G-8 met in Scotland, a people’s movement was born in Edinburgh. Under the banner of “Make Poverty History” a quarter of a million people marched for an end to man-made poverty through changes to a glaringly unjust trade system and a suffocating debt burden.

Since then, the Edinburgh World Justice Festival has continued maintaining global justice issues on the agenda of the city. The Festival gives us an opportunity to explore what we as individuals and as a community can do to work for positive change.

The various activities and events (debates, conferences, screenings, performances, etc.) that will take place until the 19th of October will help raising the profile of international justice and development issues and provide a platform for cooperation and debate for the world justice movement in Edinburgh.

This year the festival is focus on the UN climate talks in December, the negotiations on the TTIP trade liberalisation treaty, the Sustainable Development Goals agreement and the refugee crisis. The conference “Changing our unequal world”, which is the central event of the festival, will take place the 3th of October.


For more information see this link.

When: Until the 19th of October.

Where: Edinburgh.


Autor: Guillem Lisarde

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A recent Journalism graduate, thinking of doing a masters degree. In a nutshell, my life and interests are: Erasmus, travelling, adventure, audio-visuals, the environment, theatre, positive thinking, music, minorities, culture, languages, people, empathy, happiness, paella… I guess things will fall into place in the future. In the meantime, I just play by ear… Any suggestions? Follow me on Twitter @guilise

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