Spanish MP Enric Bataller visits Edinburgh to talk politics

The talk, organised by the Spanish platform Círculo Podemos Edinburgh, will take place on April 7. Speaker Enric Bataller, the elected MP for the party “Compromís-Podemos: És el moment”, will discuss Spanish current political affairs and will discuss issues such as the electoral pacts between Podemos and Compromís, the negotiations of his party with the Spanish Socialist Party and the political agenda of Compromís.

He will also share his experiences from within the movement “Democracy in Europe 2025″ and his opinion about the refugee crisis. After the talk there will be a debate.

Where: Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
When: Thursday 7th of April, 19:00

For further information visit the event’s page.

Autor: Noelia Martinez

Periodista con especialidad en estudios africanos y gran experiencia en interculturalidad (Escocia, Filipinas, estudios africanos, España). Emprendedora autónoma, fundadora de Not Just Words, empresa proveedora de servicios de traducción (ING>ESP), comunicación y redacción de contenido. Twitter @peli_1982 o Linkedin.

Specialised journalist in African Studies with great experience in intercultural issues (Scotland, Philippines, African Studies, Spain). Self-employed entrepreneur trading as Not Just Words providing translation (EN>SP) communication and content writing services. Twitter @peli_1982 or Linkedin.

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