Refugees, the New Scots

In this photo gallery, The Welcoming Association, a charity that works with migrants and refugees in Edinburgh, shares perspectives on celebrating diversity and supporting integration in Scotland.

The Welcoming Association

Scotland has had a long history of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world, which we celebrate. The contribution of our refugee communities over successive generations has helped make Scotland the proud, successful and diverse country it is today. Indeed it is our very diversity that makes us stronger and more competitive as a nation”. (Scottish Government 2013)[cml_media_alt id='7554']refugees-welcome-new-image-border[/cml_media_alt]











Scotland is now your home and we are privileged to have you here”. (Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland 2016)

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“We see The Welcoming Association as the next step from the arrivals lounge at the airport or the bus station. People come to us to get started in finding their feet in their new home. We help them with learning the language, finding a job and making friends. In turn, they bring us their skills, talents, energy and enthusiasm, all of which makes Edinburgh a more interesting and diverse place to be”. (Jon Busby, Director, The Welcoming)

The value of friendship knows no bounds. If my parents ever taught me one thing, it was that all people are equal and that everyone’s life is as valid as everyone else’s. Without exception. What influence does this have on my teaching? Probably everything. If I feel equal to my learners then my learners will feel equal to me and it’s easier to build friendship and trust amongst equals – which promotes understanding and eases the stress of integration, making learning a pleasure”. (David Carpenter, English Language Teacher, The Welcoming)

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“The Welcoming Association helps the foreigners to be more confident. It’s really nice to have a smiling and kindly teachers! Is not easy to come in a new country, so having a friendly contact it’s cool”. (Welcoming student 2016)

“We are glad to have you with us and hope this will become a home for you”.

“We welcome you here and look forward to sharing our country“.

“Your presence makes our society brighten and flourish – thank you!”

“May our children play together“.

“Scotland is home to all of us”.

(Messages of welcome from participants in the Welcoming Solidarity Ceilidh, part of Refugee Festival Scotland 2016)

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