Reality versus fiction at CinemaAttic showcase this Friday at Summerhall, Edinburgh

The platform for Spanish, Iberian and Latin-American cinema in Scotland (CinemaAttic) will be back in Summerhall (Edinburgh) this Friday at 8pm. The programme will explore the relationship between reality and fiction throughout 5 short movies; two of them, Safari and A Whole Future Together, were nominated for this year Spanish Film Awards (Los Premios Goya).


Five short movies will tackle the relationship between truth, fiction and vital experiences in CinemaAttic’s short movie night.

Safari, a film by Gerardo Herrado, explores the killings in US high schools such us Columbine or Sandy Hook. The director describes this project  as ‘a dramatic confession’ in which he considers, without recurring to the ‘good and evil’ dichotomy, how a familiar place like a school can, in the blink of an eye, becomes one’s worst nightmare. It is a story embedded in the cross-border territory of realism and horror.

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Herrado says ‘It is not a story about goodies and baddies. Here, everyone is a victim with something to say. We understand them all […] It appeals to the desire that we all have of wanting to know more. It encourages us to discover the enigmas that lie behind all this violence that we cannot understand and pushes us to reflect upon the meaningless- ness of such killings.’

On the other hand, A Whole Future Together, written and directed by Pablo Remón, deals with another dramatic issue, the mis-selling of preferential shares of Spanish Banks to hundred of thousands of Spaniards. The story is developed through a dialogue between two bankers, but this time, the matter is addressed from the executioner’s perspective.

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CinemaAttic is an art platform whose aim is to raise the profile of Ibero-American cinema in Scotland and UK. Since 2008, CinemaAttic has produced and organised six different film and arts festivals across the country. This organisation will have a short film night in Glasgow, the 9th of April at the Centre of Contemporary Arts.


Date: 20 March, 20:00h

Venue: Summerhall, Edinburgh

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