On this page, you will find links to our previous special issues since 2015.

January 2017 – Environment


How will Trump and Brexit affect environmental sustainability?

What can you do personally to reduce our damaging investment in fossil fuels?

Can we change the way we design products to move towards zero waste?

In this Special Issue, the first of 2017, we investigate the state of the environment at this uncertain moment in our history. In this moment, the future of our planet may look bleak on the surface. However, behind the media image, real people are making real improvements to ensure a sustainable future. Even Trump and Brexit won’t stop their progress.

August 2016 –

Why is important to humanise migrants?

What specific things are the people of Scotland doing to welcome refugees?

How does it feel to be a Latin American immigrant in Scotland?

In the aftermath of Brexit, this year’s special issue on interculturality presents an encouraging snapshot of how Scotland is welcoming refugees and migrants.

June 2016 –
Brexit Special

Just one day before Brits to decided to leave the European Union, we published this EU Referendum Special in which we looked at the arguments on both sides to give our readers an overview of the debate.

In addition, we presented data about immigration into the UK, one of the most debated issues during the referendum campaigns. We also looked into the life of British citizens living abroad, through the lens of Charlie Clift’s camera.

Lastly, this special issue includes the opinion of immigrants in an article about the organisation Migrants Solidarity Network. It discusses their campaign against the new Immigration Act 2016.

May 2016 –

 Is Scotland doing well in terms of gender equal politics?

What is the situation for professional women in sport in Scotland and around the world?

Has the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines made things better for young mothers?

This Special Issue on Gender was the first of its kind at Cosmopolita Scotland. We always like to include multimedia content in our articles, but this time we went one step further. As well as quality written content, we brought our reporting to life with interactive data visualizations, a virtual art gallery and even a full blown documentary made especially for this Special Issue. It’s a short but powerful edition of Cosmopolita Scotland, so you can read it all in one go!

December 2015 – Disabilities

 Are we sufficiently involved to improve the integration of the disabled people? What information resources do we have available to collaborate as individuals or as a group?

How can literature and young people help to overcome the stereotypes about dementia?

These are some of the issues we’re covering in this month’s Special Issue of Cosmopolita Scotland in which we focus on some of the pressing questions about the Disabilities.

July 2015 – Environment

 Does choosing renewable energy mean making a choice between preserving our past or preserving our future?

Can our romantic view of the wilderness really be bad for the environment?

Is there anything you or I can do to save bees from extinction?

These are some of the issues we’re covering in this month’s Special Issue of Cosmopolita Scotland in which we focus on some of the pressing questions about the Environment.

May 2015 – Cultural Integration

 This Special Issue looks at the issues of Cultural Integration and the reasons why many Spanish people have emigrated to Scotland.

What it is like to be an immigrant in Scotland?

We look at the differences between Scottish and Spanish job markets as well as the various cultural barriers that make integration difficult for the Spanish Speaking Community. By looking at the history of the Spanish Economy, and interviewing Economist Santiago Nino Becerra, we analyse some of historical reasons that Spain has one of the most unstable job markets in Europe. Finally, we look at integration from the perspective of a Polish immigrant to Scotland.