Independent Radical Book Fair in Edinburgh Welcomes Owen Jones

The writer and journalist talked about his latest book , “The Establishment”, at the Radical Independent Book Fair which took place in Edinburgh on 22 October.


Jordi Albacete and Matias Viotti

Following his bestseller , “Chavs and the Demonization of the Working Class”, the celebrated (1) journalist , writer and historian talked about his latest book, The Establishment, at the Radical Independent Book Fair in Edinburgh.

Owen Jones is well known[cml_media_alt id='52']Owen Jones pensando[/cml_media_alt] for his critical perspective on neoliberal politics both in the United Kingdom and internationally. His clarity, fluency and integrity have made him a highly respected journalist, particularly for those whose views tend not to be voiced the mainstream media.[cml_media_alt id='59']The Establishment[/cml_media_alt]

In his new book Jones comprehensively outlines the arguments relating to the development and history of various social and trade union movements. With his historian’s hat (2) on (he studied History at Oxford) he described how the current democratic political system in the United Kingdom was formed.

Jones outlined how the ruling classes, that have power in (the) government, have been challenged by the new impoverished lower middle class. This, he argued, followed the financial crisis in 2008.

The Guardian columnist also asserted (3) that the campaign and referendum for Scottish independence has radically changed the political culture throughout the United Kingdom.

He also spoke to Cosmopolita Scotland about the social movements in Spain which emerged between the period of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement in May 2011. Throughout (4)  that year hundreds of thousands of Spaniards protested against their democratic representative system.

Following this article you can watch a video, edited by Cosmopolita Scotland . It includes some of the highlights from Owen Jones’ presentation.


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 Use of  English for Spanish speakers

  1. Celebrated.  This is a common adjective to describe the success of someone with his audience. 
  2. With his historian’s hat.  Nice expression to indicate that he has been graduated. 
  3. Asserted. God verb, used in media, when we want to introduce a quote. 
  4. Throughout. A common word to indicate during. 

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