Our Body

This piece was produced especially for this Special Issue of Cosmopolita Scotland on Gender. By juxtaposing photos by Mirja Koponen and words by Ana González Chouciño, the artists explore the human body.


Our body is an actual but unknown landscape. Like mountains that we see from our window but never observe. However, once we do: slopes and valleys, wrinkles and hair.

And when we look at it like the surface of the moon, we find out that it contains us; we are not sure if it belongs to us or we belong to it.

A trace of I was, and a possibility of I will be. Our skin, the longest organ, the one that put us in contact with the world. It is not the world what we feel, but our skin in contact with the world.

Body as a vessel, a container of blood, viscera and bones, like a heaving mass that shelters or encloses us.

Body as a screen where we project ourselves. Body and mind like two desynchronized clocks.

We don’t know which one will stop first.


Mirja is a Finnish artist and co-director of Interview Room 11, an artist run gallery and project space located in Edinburgh. She lived in Russia and the United States and she has explored the human body in her artistic work.

Ana is also one of the directors of Interview Room 11. One of her main goals for this gallery is to promote the visibility of Spanish artists in Scotland. She also works as a freelance curator and writer.

Autor: Alex Owen-Hill

Alex is an Edinburgh freelance writer and blogger. As an ex-robotics researcher he's passionate about science and fascinating research in any field. He's also a dedicated food geek, filmmaker and occasional jazz musician. You can find him at www.AlexOwenHill.co.uk or on Twitter at @AlexOwenHill.

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