(08/23/2015 – Edinburgh) ‘Night Just Before the Forest’ by AlmaViva Teatro at the edFringe2015

[cml_media_alt id='3948']nightJustBeforeTheForests[/cml_media_alt]The theatre company AlmaViva Teatro travels directly from venues in Madrid to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. ‘Night Just Before the Forest’ is a complex proposal where  spectators will see their feelings awaken.  Performed by José Gonçalo, the actor interprets a man that transforms himself in all the different men and women that he has run into in the street on a Friday night.
Performed in English
Spotlites@The Merchant’s Hall
22 Hanover St, Edinburgh, EH2 2EP
Every night at 11 pm. Until 23rd of Agust

Autor: Sara Rayo

I am a young professional with a strong passion for International Affairs, with a particular interest in Communication and Media. I hold a Degree in Journalism, a Degree in Politic Science and a MA in International Relations. These studies are complemented by my experience in both the private and public sector, in the areas of communication and policy-making. I am a team player with excellent organisation and communication skills. Twitter @srayocorrales or Linkedin.

Soy una periodista joven con un gran interés en las relaciones internacionales, en especial en comunicación y media. Estoy licenciada en periodismo y en ciencias políticas con un máster en relaciones internacionales. He complementado estos estudios con experiencia laboral en el sector público y privado, en las áreas de comunicación y política. Me encanta trabajar en equipo y tengo una gran experiencia en comunicación. Twitter @srayocorrales o Linkedin.

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