(05/27/2016) First CinemaAttic Matinée

CinemaAttic aims to reach new audiences by offering a monthly matinée screening of their famous Spanish and Latin American Short film selections together with a wine and tapas tasting. This will be a unique opportunity to socialise, taste the finest quality Spanish products, practice your Spanish conversation skills and share love for cinema.

CinemaAttic first matinée, in partnership with Yakety Yak Language Café, will take place at the LifeCare Centre in Stockbridge House. Tickets are £ 18,50 and include the screening pass as well as a food and wine tasting provided by Stockbridge delicatessen Goya23.

For this especial occasion, CinemaAttic has curated a powerful selection of short films, all with English subtitles. We are embarking on this new adventure to open our short film nights to wider audiences and we are looking forward to seeing you.

CinemaAttic has been exhibiting and supporting independent Spanish, Ibero- American and Latin-American cinema in Scotland since 2009. Our short film nights are timeless. CinemaAttic Matinée events are mainly but not exclusively targeted to a senior audience who will enjoy short romantic movies and great comedies. This is your chance to join our platform for entertainment, education and cultural diffusion. Do not miss us!

27th of May 2016 1.30 pm at LifeCare Centre

2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh, EH4 1JB

– See more at: http://cinemaattic.com/event/first-cinemaattic-matinee/#sthash.59Uh14Il.dpuf

Autor: Sara Rayo

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Soy una periodista joven con un gran interés en las relaciones internacionales, en especial en comunicación y media. Estoy licenciada en periodismo y en ciencias políticas con un máster en relaciones internacionales. He complementado estos estudios con experiencia laboral en el sector público y privado, en las áreas de comunicación y política. Me encanta trabajar en equipo y tengo una gran experiencia en comunicación. Twitter @srayocorrales o Linkedin.

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