Fair Trade Fortnight in Scotland

Scottish Fairtrade fortnight (1) is having a rich programme this year from bake-offs (2) to football tournaments to meeting the actual producers from other countries. Fairtrade Fortnight serves as an opportunity to promote Fairtrade products and ideas so we would encourage people to go along and support it.



There are events up and down the country so head along (3) and find out more clicking here!



[cml_media_alt id='1360']dominicanrepublic_ashleycheuk-60_basilioalmonte_1400x2100_300_rgb[/cml_media_alt]We will be meeting and interviewing Basilio Almonte from Dominican Republic in Orkney this weekend. Basilio is a dedicated father of two and a technical and quality manager at CONACADO, a Fairtrade-certified association of 9,000 cocoa growers in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean’s (4) second poorest country.

He is responsible for compliance with Fairtrade, organic and other certification standards and for ensuring the organization produces high quality cocoa that meets the requirements (5) of international markets.

In the video below you can see a translated speech from Basilio (in Spanish and English) for Equal Exchange, at Brattleboro Food Co-op in Vermont (U.S.), in October 2011.

We will be publishing our interview with him next week.

[youtube height=”550” width=”750“]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UseZ-hOctWM?enablejsapi=1[/youtube]

Use of English for Spanish speakers

(1) Fortnight.  

  • Definition: Two weeks.
  • Example: A fortnight’s holiday.
  • Translation: Quincena.

(2)  Bake-offs.

  • Definition: A cooking contest.
  • Example: […] a rich programme this year from bake-offs to football tournaments […]
  • Translation: Competencia culinaria. “[…] este año habrá un programa variado desde concursos culinarios a torneos de fútbol[…]”

(3) Head along. 

  • Comment: This is a quite engaging way of saying pop in or follow.
  • Example: There are events up and down the country so head along and find out more…”
  • Translation: Asomarse, dirigirse. “Hay eventos por todo el país dirígete/asómate [allí donde se celebren] y averigua más en …” 

(4) Caribbean. 

  • Comment: Atención con la doble de la tercera sílaba.

(5) Meet the requirement. 

  • Comment: En inglés es muy común el verbo meet con el significado de cumplir. “Meet the needs, meet the standards, meet the requirements, meet the expectations, etc.”.
  • Translation: Cumplir con los requisitos. “The organization produces high quality cocoa that meets the requirements of international markets” En castellano: “La organización produce cacao de alta calidad que cumple con los requisitos de los mercados internacionales”.

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