Cosmopolita Scotland and Mundo Spanish collaborating in the promotion of Spanish businesses in Scotland

Cosmopolita Scotland joins the Mundo Spanish business network, founded by journalist Beatriz Revilla, to jointly publicise Spanish entrepreneurs and businesses in journalistic reports published simultaneously on both platforms.

Cosmopolita Scotland

The target for the partnership agreement between Cosmopolita Scotland and Mundo Spanish is to spread the news and to promote the knowledge of Spanish entrepreneurs in Scotland. Mundo Spanish serves as an international showroom to publicise Spanish products and services. Through their website, is also possible to locate and contact chief executives and professionals in any corner of the world. It covers many business sectors, including accommodation, hospitality, tourist services, gastronomy, culture and leisure.

[cml_media_alt id='5888']Beatriz Revilla. Mapa Mundi[/cml_media_alt]
Beatriz Revilla in the headquater offices of Mundo Spanish in Madrid.

Journalist Beatriz Revilla identified that Spanish entrepreneurs and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) lacked visibility abroad. To tackle this, Beatriz founded the Mundo Spanish platform, which hosts more than 1,500 companies and Spanish professionals in 95 different countries. It has more than 25,000 users and followers, and has become a reference platform for businesses.

The reports will be published simultaneously on both platforms, with the aim of divulging the activity and professional experiences of Spanish entrepreneurs in Scotland. In addition, services that could interest the Spanish-Scottish community will be publicised, such as a consulting agencies, restaurants, marketing agencies or hairdressing salons.

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Mundo Spanish website.

This collaboration agreement allows Spaniards in Scotland, who own their own businesses, to gain more visibility using these two online channels. Mundo Spanish allows them to make a global impact using its widespread international business network, and Cosmopolita Scotland allows them to reach the local audience in Scotland.  

Many businesses and cultural initiatives will find their own space in this collaborative project: export companies, organisations that offer valuable services to immigrants, professionals, Spanish-speaking tourists, and programmes which promote Spanish culture in Scotland.

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