Climate Week 2015 in Aberdeen

The city of Aberdeen is about to finish the Climate Week 2015. From Monday 2  to Sunday 8 of March, the Central Library of the third largest city in Scotland has welcomed scientists, economists, professors and activists to discuss about the different challenges surrounding climate change.


Lucía Tejedor

[cml_media_alt id='1504']Aberdeen city from docks. [/cml_media_alt]
Aberdeen city from docks.

The lectures and discussions organized have poured from the resolution of basic questions, such as what or why one should worry about climate change, to more specific subjects such as the role of oil in the environmental landscape as well as its future as a main source of energy.

During this weekend, as part of the programme organized by 2015 Climate Week, Belmont cinemas  have  projected the Emmy award-winning documentary last year, Chasing Ice, and the also award-winning The Island President, followed by a talk discussion.

In Cosmopolitan Scotland we are very attentive to environmental protection initiatives arising from Scotland, where there is one of the most conscious societies in the challenges generated by climate change and that, in this sense boasts one of the most interesting climate justice agendas in the world.

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