New Project Will Give EU Citizens Across Scotland Opportunity To Find Out About Their Rights After Brexit

A group bringing together migrants’ groups, voluntary organisations, and lawyers has launched a new project to make sure EU citizens in Scotland know about their rights after Brexit.

A series of four events in April and May will provide advice and information about Brexit to EU citizens in Scotland. In addition, 14,000 factsheets about EU nationals’ status in the UK post-Brexit will be distributed among migrant communities in Scotland.

The initiative is part of the “EU Citizens’ Rights Project”, which is being delivered with the co-operation of a number of organisations from across Scotland, led by Public Policy Events from Edinburgh. The events will be held in Inverness, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow. They will feature expert speakers followed by a Question and Answer session, as well as representatives from a number of migrant organisations from across the country.

The aim of the project is to provide information on Brexit for over 200,000 EU citizens living in Scotland, whose right to reside in the UK will change soon. It has been brought together by Mark Lazarowicz, an advocate whose interests include EU law and citizenship, and former MP for Edinburgh North and Leith.

Mr Lazarowicz said: “Over the last few months, I’ve been asked at a lot of meetings about EU citizens’ rights after Brexit. At every meeting, there have been a lot of worried people. Many EU citizens who have been in Scotland for years – in some cases for decades – are now not sure about their future in this country. We hope this initiative will provide the 200,000 EU citizens in Scotland with honest, accurate, and up to date information about what Brexit will mean for them and their families.”

The groups supporting the project are ELREC, New Europeans, Centre for Scottish Public Policy, Migrants Scot and Polish Cultural Festival Association.

The events in the four cities are being held in association with leading Scottish solicitors, Drummond Miller, who are recognised as leading specialists in immigration law. An immigration lawyer from Drummond Miller will be speaking and answering questions at each of the four events. The project is delivered with the financial support of the European Commission Office in Edinburgh.

The events will be held on the 14th, 28th and 30th of April (Inverness, Edinburgh and Aberdeen respectively) and the 2nd of May (Glasgow). The times and venues for the four events can be found at the project’s website and on the Facebook page.

Are Disabled Employment Rights About to Change in Scotland?

Since April 2017, the Scottish government gained new powers to decide on the employment conditions for disabled people. Mark Cooper is a devoted campaigner for disabled rights in Scotland. In October 2016, he attended the Rehabilitiation International Congress on behalf of Cosmopolita Scotland, where these new powers were announced. In his account of the event, Mark describes on how his experience at the congress affected his view of disability employment and reflects on how the experience has stayed with him over the past year.

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IberoDocs 2017 – Filmmakers Daniel García and Aurelio Medina to Present their Documentary about Dennis Hopper’s Most Mysterious Movie

Hollywood didn’t like Dennis Hopper‘s third work, ‘The Last Movie’. In fact, he was banned from directing for ten years after its presentation. Its surrealistic touches, its unconventional narrative and its experimental nature fitted neither the canons of Universal Pictures nor those of the wider audience. Despite being generally disliked, it has inspired other cinematographic works. This is the case of ‘Rest in peace, Mr Hopper’, a documentary penned by Spanish filmmakers Aurelio Medina and Daniel García, that will part of the program of IberoDocs 2017 (10-14 May) with several screenings a a workshop on editing an postproduction. 

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IberoDocs 2017 – The Gaze of Salamanca: Ricardo Íscar Masterclass

The fourth edition of IberoDocs, the first showcase for Ibero-American culture in Scotland, focused on documentary films by Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American filmmakers, is back on May 10-14. The new edition of the festival, in collaboration with Scottish Documentary Institute, will introduce a masterclass with the master of documentaries Ricardo Íscar on Friday 12th May at Edinburgh College of Art. The filmmaker will shed light on his techniques, revealing how the fixed shot can be the art of narration. The capital of Scotland will be observed in a way it has never been before by the gaze of Salamanca.

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The Social Enterprise Exchange Marketplace 2017

The Social Enterprise Exchange Marketplace took place in Edinburgh on March 21st. It was an exciting day with more than 80 exhibitors and hundreds of delegates. Among them was the Creative Freedoms Foundation, a new partnership between different media and arts project in Scotland. The partnership includes Cosmopolita Scotland, Ayrshire Community Media, Moving Arts Scotland and Resonate Together.

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Betwixt and between? Greek and Spanish Migrants Having Lived in Scotland since the 1960s

In this article Konrad Lawson, School of History, University of St Andrews and Nikolaos Papadogiannis, School of History and Archaeology of Bangor University, outline their participatory research on Greek and Spanish migration in Scotland. 

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‘Plantas en la ciudad’: Las plantas se liberan en las vacaciones

Este año, el período estival en Escocia está siendo bastante veraniego y las plantas por su puesto, no se quejan. Cada día que pasa, las plantas del eco balcón de Cosmopolita Scotland trepan más y más por la pared. ¡Están creciendo a un ritmo mayor del tiempo que tenemos para poder construir nuevos sitios donde transplantarlas! Este mes, a su vuelta de vacaciones, Jackie se ha encontrado con un ejército de malas hierbas en Tiphereth.
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Plants in the City: Plants Go Wild on Holiday

The weather has been quite summery here in Scotland, and the plants certainly aren’t complaining. Every day, the plants in Cosmopolita Scotland’s eco-balcony are growing up the wall, literally. They are growing faster than we can build places to transplant them! This month, Jackie comes back from a summer holiday to an army of overgrown weeds at Tiphereth.

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The Fight for Housing in Spain and the UK (Radio Programme)

Jose Luis Carretero author of  Your house is not yours, it belongs to the bank [Tu casa no es tuya, es del banco] talked about the housing right movement in Spain last July in Edinburgh.

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Plants in the City: The Good Thing About Bad Weather

When the world around us seems uncertain and confusing, there is one thing we can say for sure – plants keep growing. They carry on regardless of human society, pushing forward with their natural desire to maintain life. The Eco Balcony has come on a lot since our previous installment of Plants in the City. Here’s Jackie Bruce to tell us how it’s going.

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