(17-18/06/2017 – Edinburgh) The Power of Food Festival

The Power of Food Festival, a city-wide celebration of community food growing all around Edinburgh, will take place around several locations in the city on 17-18 June 2017. First of its kind, The Power of Food Festival was set up in 2015 and is now going into its 3rd edition. The festival is an event for everyone, which aims to inspire people from all walks of life to rethink their relationship with food, and promotes an ethos of environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

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The Festival takes place around the summer solstice, chosen for its symbolism of renewal and growth. It’s entirely free and volunteer-run, with no grant funding, but with the wonderful input of a fabulous range of partners (individuals and organisations) who offer – pro bono – all sorts of fun and entertainment in the community gardens taking part. The Power of Food Festival also works with like-minded organisations at a more strategic level to optimise the event’s capacity to reach out and to enhance its programme content.

You can find out more about the Festival here.

Where: Several locations. You can find the nearest event here.
When: 17th-18th June.
Price: Free.

(21/03/2017 – Edinburgh) The Social Enterprise Exchange Marketplace 2017

This event will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, challenge old thinking and orthodoxy and consider new campaigns around a number of crucial topics – from housing to social care, person centred services, natural capital, sustaining impact, community empowerment, ethical finance, inclusive growth and much more.

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AYOTZINAPA: Artist’s talk with Jan Nimmo

In September 2014 Mexican students from the “RaĂșl Isidro Burgos” Teacher Training School in Ayotzinapa were attacked by the police in Iguala, Guerrero. 6 people, 3 of them students, were murdered and 43 students were forcibly disappeared.

Scottish artist and filmmaker, Jan Nimmo, once a regular visitor to Mexico, and who had travelled through Guerrero to meet local artisans, was devastated to hear of the attack. As an act of solidarity, she embarked on a series of 49 portraits. Her aim was to highlight the fact that Mexico’s disappeared people (28,000+ since 2007) are not just statistics. Each disappearance is a tragedy.

Thanks to human rights activist, Érendira Sandoval Carrillo, each portrait is now in the hands of the parents of the students – literally, since the portraits now regularly accompany them on protests and in their pursuit of justice at meetings with public officials.

Jan will give an illustrated talk about the work she has made in response to what happened to the students and about Mexico’s human rights crisis. She will show a couple of short films, give an update on the campaign and will highlight the work of other artists making work about Mexico’s missing.

WHEN: 7-9pm – 13th October 2016

WHERE: Intermedia Gallery/CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD. This event is part of the Glasgow Radical Independent Bookfair Project’s 10th Anniversary exhibition, “Not by the Book”.



For more information you can watch Jan’s video: ¿DĂłnde estĂĄn? (Where are they?) English version


(02/10/2016)– Edinburgh – ‘Mirar Morir’ 2 years since the disappearance of the 43 Mexican students

 September 26th marks the second anniversary of the mass kidnapping of 43 students from a school in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. Since the last decade around 130,000 people have been reported missing in Mexico. Mirar Morir (Watching Them Die) analyses the case of the Ayotzinapa students and explores the role the Mexican state in this tragic event.

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(30/09/2016) Homage to Catalonia. Caledonia celebrates Catalan cinema

Once again CinemaAttic is pioneer bringing initiatives as an alternative source of entertainment in UK cities like Edinburgh. The strong cultural and political heritage of Catalonia will be hitting the screen on September 30th. This is a unique opportunity to approach the most significant proposals of a truly vibrant culture.

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(10/09/2016 – Glasgow) Scottish Fair Trade Campaigner Conference

The theme for this year’s conference is Local, National, Global: What does Fair Trade Nation Status Mean? and will feature keynote speakers from the Fairtrade Foundation UK, Fair Trade Wales and Fair Trade Towns Netherlands.

Dan Omondi Odiba a representative from Micodepro, a gold mining co-operative group working towards Fairtrade certification in Kenya will be joining the conference. Dr Alasdair Alan, (Scotland’s Minister for International Development and Europe) and Cheryl McGechie (the Fairtrade Foundation’s Director of Public Engagement) have also confirmed their participation.

There will also be talks from Fair Trade producers and breakout sessions designed to meet the interests and needs of local Fair Trade groups. The subjects for these sessions will be confirmed nearer the date but we would encourage local groups to bring along at least two members so they can attend as many breakout sessions as possible.

Lunch will be provided and there will be networking opportunities throughout the day. The conference is an excellent opportunity for Fair Trade supporters and campaigners to hear what other individuals, groups and organisations are doing, to share ideas and to contribute to discussions about the future of Scotland as a Fair Trade Nation.

Anyone interested in Fair Trade is welcome!

What: Fair Trade Campaigner Conference
When: 10 September 2016
Where: Glasgow Caledonian University

Event info & registration


(27/08/2016) Leith Labs Supports Diagnose Malawi

Leith Labs

For this Saturday Leith Labs at Ocean Terminal, we’ll be solving a crime scene in the mall, trying African Dancing, getting your head around breakdancing & enjoying music, science and arts together – all to support Haemophilia Scotland‘s Diagnose Malawi campaign.
[cml_media_alt id='7772']leith-labs-300x265[/cml_media_alt]The day’s line-up:
11.30 – 12.00: Zawadi Women’s Choir performance
12.00 – 13.00: Try your hand at solving The Blood Doctor Mystery at the haemophilia crime scene!
13.00 – 13.30: Breakdancing performance
13.30 – 14.15: African Dance Class
14.15 – 16.00: More hands-on CSI Investigation
16.00 – 18.00: Fun Palaces Meeting at People Know How

(26/8/2016 – Edinburgh) Postcards from City Plaza – Photo exhibition and talks by the authors

DESCRIPTION: The City Plaza is an occupied abandoned hotel that is being run as a refugee center in Greece. Two volunteers from the center will share their experience and share the photos they took while helping there.

What: Photo exhibition + talk

When: 26 August 6-9pm

Where: The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (17W Montgomery street)

Price: Free entry


LINK to FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1659372564379259/

(19/07/2016) Deaf Reach: A transformational education in Pakistan

University of Glasgow Centre for International Development

Francis Doherty is one of the directors and co-founder of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) Pakistan. Francis and his wife Maria Paola Doherty, Director Donor Engagement and co-founder of FESF have lived in Pakistan for 31 years. Maria has 30 years’ experience in the field of education and child development.

“In Pakistan there are 1.25 million deaf children of school age, yet less than 2% attend school! Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) is seeking to bridge this gap via its Deaf Reach Program. Seven Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centres provide free education for deaf students and are located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah and Lahore.

In Pakistan, Deaf Reach is the only branch network of schools reaching out into rural areas for special needs children. Facilities cover all academic (KG-College) and vocational costs, inclusive of free pick and drop transport in a 40 km. radius, healthy snacks, books and stationery, uniforms and excursions.”

This will be a unique opportunity to hear Francis and Maria Doherty talk about their charitable work on the education of profoundly deaf children in Pakistan.

The lecture will be followed by refreshments. This is a FREE event and open to the public.

When: Tuesday, 19 July 2016 from 18:00 to 20:00 (BST)

Where: Sir Charles Wilson Building, Basement Seminar Room – 1 University Avenue, Glasgow, G12


(16/07/2016) ‘No more austerity – No to racism – Tories must go’ Demonstration

PeopleÂŽs Assembly Scotland & Stand Up to Racism

PeopleÂŽs Assembly Scotland & Stand Up to Racism: “The Tories have been plunged into crisis by the result of the EU referendum. David Cameron will soon be gone. The Tories will use Brexit to whip up anti-immigrant racism and accelerate their austerity policies and attacks on living standards.

This rally, called by the Peoples Assembly Scotland and Stand Up to Racism, to coincide with London’s mass demonstration, is the positive and united response to the political earthquake on 23 June.”

When: Saturday 16 July, 2016

Where: Assemble at 1PM at Donald Dewar Statue, Buchanan Steps, Glasgow