Be Global Translations: Translating Towards Internationalisation

[cml_media_alt id='7259']logo Be Global Translations[/cml_media_alt]Be Global Translations is a company specialising in legal and economic translations founded by Virginia Pastor (Madrid, 1990), a Spanish enterpreneur based in Edinburgh. This startup aims to help in the internationalisation of local and national Spanish talent.

The career choice of this Madrilenian (native of Madrid) based in Scotland, has not been coincidental. Her desire to explore beyond normal boundaries is an inherited passion. Virginia’s parents are tour operators and she has experienced the opportunity to travel with them to different corners of the world. She has collected many anecdotes from those trips. She will never forget, for instance, the day they lost their suitcase in an airport on their way to Prague. If it was not for the English she had learnt in school, they would have never found it. She also remembers the time when her father went behind the counter of a coffee shop in Vienna to explain to the waiter how he should serve an ice coffee.

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Virginia Pastor at her studio in Edinburgh.

She has been in touch with people of different nationalities since she was a young girl: British, American, French, Italian, Scandinavian and Latin Americans. Virginia Pastor states “Be Global Translations was born because of my passion for the translating profession. I want to be the instrument that makes it possible for people from different cultures, with different languages, understand each other, both orally and written. The personal satisfaction that I get when I know that a person has been able to understand a text written in a language they don’t understand thanks to me, is priceless. That’s why I put a lot of care into my work”.

This early contact with other societies has allowed this Spanish entrepreneur to get in touch with other cultures, languages and gastronomies, as well as to explore the world of fashion in different countries. These are sectors about which Virginia has a detailed knowledge thanks to specialised blogs that she follows as well as her own research.

Corporate internationalisation and translations

Virginia moved to Scotland two years ago; a country that she finds exciting because of its culture and people. She was surprised by the great interest that Scots have for the Spanish culture, “although they still have lots to learn, though not due to a lack of desire!”, she observes.

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Virginia Pastor at Ocean Terminal, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Be Global Translations is looking for projects that fall into its sphere of internationalisation. The company offers legal and economic translations. Virginia states that “there are sectors in Spain like the gastronomy, wine and fashion industries that can compete conveniently abroad, both in terms of quality and innovation”. She also comments that “Be Global Translations specialises in the translation of contracts and will soon offer legally sworn translations. We have worked for a wide variety of clients like tour operators, such as the Madrid Ghost Tour, international sport competitions and have translated websites for companies in different sectors”.

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Be Global Translations in the Language Show Live in London.

Be Global Translations has its own guide about internationalisation for small and medium-sized companies. It is a document that they offer free to all of their subscribers. “It is a small handbook that describes the most important steps that companies should follow in their internationalisation process¨, Virginia explains.

Wine, fashion and food

Many small businesses from Spain have managed to step up and compete in the global market thanks to their natural production processes, a fact that Virginia admires. She is very passionate about oenology (the study of wine and winemaking). One of her favourite wines is the Rioja wine from Bodegas Murillo, a wine that follows a unique process of fermentation at the bottom of the sea. Virginia is aware that these types of products have an international reputation they should explore and take advantage of.

“The Spanish fashion industry has immense possibilities abroad,” Virginia believes. “There are fashion blogs that could easily go viral if they were bilingual with English subtitles. There are several examples of this. One is the case of Galician blogger Alexandra Pereira, founder of Lovely Pepa, one of the most influential fashion blogs in the world. Mus & Bombon, a company that sells clothes made in Spain and Portugal, is another important example.”

“The Spanish fashion industry has immense possibilities abroad”

Gastronomy is just one of the activities that Spain should promote in a better way internationally, according to Virginia. “Usually, people know about our tapas or our potato omelette, but nothing else beyond those better-known recipes. However, there are traditional recipes and also more creative and innovative ones that could create interest at an international level,” Virginia says. She remembers some fish dishes that she tested in Cadiz, such as ‘pulpo a la escandalera’ (octopus) or ‘güeníjimo de atún’ (tuna). She did not learn the exact recipes of these dishes, but she believes these kinds of dishes have excellent qualities which would delight the most demanding foreign guests.

“Usually, people know about our tapas or our potato omelette, but nothing else beyond those better-known recipes. However, there are traditional recipes and also more creative and innovative ones that could create interest at an international level”

Virginia understands the potential of the Spanish cuisine. She also likes to find new French recipes in her free time. Recently, she took a university course on French cuisine, in the French language, and she has followed the BBC show ‘My Little Paris Kitchen‘, to better understand the culture of France and improve her skills in the French language. She also has an interest in Italian, Indian, and Asian food in general.

In times of crisis we must keep an eye on the opportunities that come our way. Be Global Translations is an initiative which aims to prevent language barriers curb these opportunities. “We live in a globalised world, in which everything and everyone is connected. However, there are still obstacles in achieving that universal communication. There are many companies that are not yet globalised, although we live in an increasingly internationalised world,” Virginia believes. Her passion to understand cultures in depth and her aim to challenge stereotypes guide this project with a comprehensive view of the world and the relationship between its people.

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