Academics and Students of Edinburgh University to Urge for Divestment in Fossil Fuels

Fifty academics from the University of Edinburgh have signed a letter to demand divestment (1) in fossil fuels and the arms trade.


Andrea Vega Redondo

In October 2014 Glasgow University was the first academic institution in Europe which left finance to the fossil fuel industry.

Following this example fifty academics from The University of Edinburgh, with the support of the Students Association, have signed a letter to the Deputy Director (2) of the institution asking to stop the financing of fossil fuels industries and arms trade.

[cml_media_alt id='1518']Estudiantes el día de la firma de la carta en la Universidad de Edimburgo (fuente: investethically)[/cml_media_alt]
Students the day of the signing of the Charter at the University of Edinburgh (source: investethically)

The Council responsible for the proposal met last week. This was the last call before the final decision, which will take place next month.

The University would have invested 38 million pounds in fossil fuel industries and 6 million in the arms sector  in 2012, according to The National  newspaper.

The University of Edinburgh signed two years ago  principles for responsible investment of the United Nations (UNPRI).

In this letter it is considered that this type of investment do not follow the University’s code of ethics (3).

“We are proud of being part of a University that aspires to create contributions to lead the world towards challenges of global understanding” the letter said. Likewise, the University of Edinburgh is committed to environmental and social investment.

This document calls to the people of Edinburgh to join a global movement for the abandonment of this type of investment as well as the protection of fossil resources.

Use of English for Spanish Speakers

(1) Divestment

  • Definición: to take away, deprive, or strip (someone or something), esp. of property or rights.
  • Ejemplo: Fifty academics from the University of Edinburgh have signed a letter to demand divestment in fossil fuels and the arms trade”.
  • Traducción: liquidación, pero en en este contexto más explícitamente retirada de financiación.
  • Comentario: divestment es un término para definir la retirada de financiación, en este caso liquidación no sonaría muy acorde al contexto, es preferible la perífrasis retirada de financiación.  

(2) Deputy Director

  • Definición:a person appointed to act as a substitute for another.
  • Ejemplo: “[…] a letter to the Deputy Director of the institution“.
  • Traducción: Vicerrector.
  • Comentario: en inglés americano es  más común Deputy President. 

(3) Ethics

  • Comentario: para la traducción de ética, ethics es siempre plural.

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