Cosmopolita Scotland is a Scottish registered charity  (no. SC046386) focussing on the advancement of citizenship and community development, and the protection and improvement of the environment, through thought-provoking, analytical, critical and solutions-based journalism.

We produce a bilingual, independent and digital publication written in Spanish and English, managed by an intercultural team of volunteers from Scotland.

Our media platform is educational and we train students, recent graduates in journalism, marketing and social media management, political science, environmental studies and other industries interested in a career or working experience in the media industry. Our interns are given the opportunity to develop life and professional skills in a cross-cultural working environment that challenges them to find ways to build bridges between migrant communities in Scotland (with special, but not exclusive attention to the Spanish-speaking community) and Scottish society using slow, constructive and positive journalism that inspires readers to take action for positive change.


Cosmopolita Scotland elaborates background information that includes both journalistic and academic sources. Our most unique feature is how we tailor the information from two cultural perspectives: one for the Spanish-speaking audience and other for the English-speaking audience. This means that each article is edited twice, with each providing different external sources in English or Spanish, and framed slightly differently for each version. Most of our articles also include a Use of Language section, to enable English and Spanish language students to improve their vocabulary and language skills. We also include calls to action related to the topics of our articles to encourage our readers to engage with collective grassroots movements and organisations and do anything within their power to achieve social and environmental change.

Our agenda includes long-life current affairs from Scotland and the Spanish-speaking world (Spain and Latin America), but we also are interested in reporting the challenges faced by other cultural communities living in Scotland. Our aim is to create bridges between both worlds by covering topics social justice and environmental issues that can inspire collaboration and solutions. We report on migration, interculturality, environment, disabilities and gender issues and have produced special issues focussing on those topics that you can read here.  

Our mission

  • To improve the integration and the relationship of migrant and local communities in Scotland,  paying special, but not exclusive attention to the Spanish-speaking community.
  • To help break the language barrier between the two cultural communities. Our articles provide context and linguistic usage for both the English and the Spanish versions.
  • To participate and encourage the debate on social and environmental justice by analysing and reporting on issues that often fall outside the agendas of the mainstream media.
  • To create links between the different debates on environmental and social rights between Scotland and the Spanish-speaking world.
  • To provide a space and a platform for students, recent graduates and professionals who would like to have a meaningful, rewarding learning and working experience in a publication aimed to influence positive social change.

Our values

  • MOTIVATION – CS aims to be an inspiration for change. Cosmopolita Scotland understands that responsible changes should aim at a positive vision.
  • CONSTRUCTIVISM – CS is committed to deliver a public service by communicating potential solutions surrounding some of the social, cultural and environmental challenges of our society.
  • ETHICAL COMMUNICATION – Ethical responsibility in being aware of the impact of what is communicated. When the reader receives only negative news the result is apathy and frustration. Cosmopolita Scotland seeks to awaken the spirit of its audience by being critical and analytical.
  • JUSTICE – Defence of the climate and social justice and fair trade.
  • COSMOPOLITANISM – CS promotes diversity and integration among communities of any origin and condition. We consider it important to encourage critical and mostly positive awareness among these diverse and dynamic communities to make the most of all opportunities for coexistence.

Our team

Jordi Albacete – Managing Director, Editor-in-Chief and Founder

[cml_media_alt id='3843']Jordi2[/cml_media_alt]I am an environmental journalist. My passion for the protection of human and environmental rights has been inspired by research led journalism. My ambition is to communicate and inspire people to make positive changes in the environment. Please find me on Twitter at @albacetejordi or Linkedin.

Noelia Martínez – Chief Editor of the Spanish Edition and Co-Founder

[cml_media_alt id='3810']Noelia[/cml_media_alt]Specialised journalist in African Studies with great experience in intercultural issues (Scotland, Philippines, African Studies, Spain). I am a self-employed entrepreneur trading as Not Just Words providing translation (EN>SP) communication and content writing services. Please find me on Twitter at @peli_1982 or Linkedin.

Alex Owen-Hill – Chief Editor of the English Edition

[cml_media_alt id='3805']Alex[/cml_media_alt]I am an Edinburgh freelance writer and blogger. As an ex-robotics researcher I am passionate about science and fascinating research in any field. I am also a dedicated food geek, filmmaker and occasional jazz musician. You can find me at or on Twitter at @AlexOwenHill.

DISCLAIMER: Cosmopolita Scotland is an independent publication and therefore, as a communication project, we are not subscribed to any political party. There are articles that featured politicians as public figures for their relevance in the topics that we are analysing.