A building is camouflaged under the Edinburgh castle

The Spanish artist Ismael Teira exhibits a maquette of the enigmatic Argyle House building in Edinburgh city centre. The exposition will be opened until the 28th of March at the Forest Centre Plus.  Acción  Cultural Española  works in this project. The entrance is free. You can pop in at Castle Terrace 38 (EH3 9DZ).


Andrea Vega Redondo

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Ismael Teira mock-up building Argyle House exhibition.

The Spanish artist Ismael Teira has come to Edinburgh with a distant look which will travel the streets and architecture of the city for the first time.

For this exhibition at IR11 Teira has researched the history of Argyle House, an imposing building which belongs to the brutalist movement, which has recently been transformed into studios of artists, workshops and the headquarters for the Interview Room 11 Gallery.

The Argyle House close to Edinburgh Castle has caused numerous times the debate on the demolition of this magnificent example of brutalist architecture of postwar, although fortunately – or not – the building has finally pardoned.

What to do then? Best to collapse or hide, camouflage might be better option. Therefore, Teira will show the building from different points of view camouflaged in the manner of vessels of war, through the so-called painting dazzle (dazzling painting).

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Argyle House at Castle Terrace Edinburgh, 38.

The purpose of this painting was the cause optical distortion that made it difficult to know the true shape and dimensions of the ship or its address. The relationship between these designs and Cubism seems close, and in fact there who defends the picassian origin of camouflage paint.

This exhibition, made possible thanks to the collaboration of Acción  Cultural Española   a step more from these Galician Commissioners to strengthen the visibility of Spanish artists in Scotland.

Galician Designer Iria Aldrey Dono , photographer David Guillen and Sandra García, who will write a text to accompany the exhibition, also collaborate in this project.

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Autor: Andrea Vega Redondo

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