The Golden Years of the Spanish Economy: a Model based on Scarcity

Emigration is one of the top issues in Spain due to its financial turmoil(1), which has forced many young highly qualified people to leave the country. The often-called “diaspora” has unveiled the deep instability of the job market, traditionally regulated in favour of the big corporations. According to estimates,  about 2 million people have left Spain since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. Looking abroad for better professional prospects is not a new phenomenon in the most unstable job market in Europe. As figures and testimonials show in the following article, job insecurity was deeply rooted in the country before the economic crash.


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Poles in Scotland and the Ability to Adjust

Poland became part of the European Union in 2004 when the country was still economically poor. Many Poles came to Scotland looking for new opportunities. The impact  of this wave of immigration has been the subject of a debate focused on cultural integration of Poles within ScotlandIn 2006, Magda, a young Polish postgraduate came to Edinburgh in order to develop her career in the Arts. Cosmopolita Scotland  has interviewed her to get her perceptions and views on the cultural integration of the Polish community in Scotland.


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