220 Cities, 40 Countries: Startup Europe Week also lands in Edinburgh

A great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn what Europe has to offer to startups in Scotland, make new connections and share knowledge. Sara Robertson, fellow at the Saltire Foundation, and Noelia Martinez, Chief Editor of Cosmopolita Scotland, have co-organised this event with the support of Startup Europe Week, Startup Grind, ScotstarterSunstone Communications, Appointed, Andrew Usher & Co., Scotland Can DoLaunch.ed and Palinska Ltd.

Noelia Martínez Castellanos

[cml_media_alt id='5667']Xing_Banner[/cml_media_alt]Edinburgh is one of the 220 ​​European cities that will host the Startup European Week, an event organised by the Startup Europe Initiative of the European Commission that will take place from the 1st to 5th of February in 40 countries in the continent.

During the session ‘Scaling Up & Playing Lean in Europe’ on February 4 from 14:30 to 18:30 in Andrew Usher & Co., participants will have to try to create a desired consumer product faster than its competitors, they will discover how to hire new talent in Europe or expand into other markets in the continent and will receive information about funding, resources and services for entrepreneurs in Europe.

The Lean Startup Concept

[cml_media_alt id='5670']Playing_Lean_logo_with_illustrations[/cml_media_alt]Playing Lean is a workshop; a fun and entertaining way to learn about Lean Startup, the innovative philosophy of Eric Ries. It is a method for developing products and businesses based on a combination of validated learning, iterative product releases and business-hypothesis-driven experimentation. The method focus on measuring the progress and getting valuable feedback from customers in order to shorten development cycles.

Whether you have founded or are thinking of starting a business, work for a startup or would like to, or you advise startups, you can know registered as an individual or a team of 4 to take part in this valuable experience and battle for the control of the marketplace as you develop your product and go to market.

Facing the Scale Up Challenge

One of the biggest challenges faced by startups is scaling up the business; Do it too fast and beyond your companies capabilities and you take the risk of end up in over your head; do it too slowly and you might lose vital opportunities. This is a situation that every entrepreneur will face sooner or later.

Several experts will attend the event to facilitate and offer words of wisdom about this and other topics: Vegard (Viggy) Jørmeland, former Head of R&D at Zoaring, one of Norway’s most prominent startups Zoaring, Leah Hutcheon, CEO Appointed, Scottish Edge Winner, Director of Future Leaders and Ambassador for Women Enterprise Scotland, and Kenny Fraser, non executive director of Mallzee and Appointedd, founder of Sunstone Communications and a former PwC partner. Phin Mpofu of StartUp Grindwill be quizzing them on their ScaleUp experiences and how they leveraged resources and support available along the way.

[cml_media_alt id='5671']Global_Beer_Collective[/cml_media_alt]If you’re interested in hiring in top talent from across Europe or sending yourself or a team member to gain experience in another European market, Stephen Fox of Panliska Ltd will be offering tips on accessing funding for both. Representatives from European institutions in Scotland will also attend the event.

During the networking session from 5.30pm John Robertson, qualified IBD Beer Academy Beer Sommelier with over 10 years of experience in European business development, will run a beer tasting.

Startup Week Europe brings together entrepreneurs across Europe to share ideas, make new connections and learn how to benefit from the support available for startups locally and to a European level.

When: Thursday, 4 February (14.30 to 18.30)

Where: Andrew Ushers & Co., 32b W Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DD

For more information and getting registered visit this link.

Autor: Noelia Martinez

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