The activist solidarity group, Spanish Workers in Edinburgh, will demonstrate on The Mound this Sunday 29th May at 6 pm to inform the public of the situation of migrants in Scotland. The protest is part of the Immigration Pride Campaign, “Migrant Pride”: “This is our way to celebrate the integration within the Scottish society of the Spanish and the many other immigrant communities living in Edinburgh and Scotland”, says the public manifesto of this collective.

The campaign group thanks the welcoming attitude of the Scottish society and denounces the “zero hours” contracts for migrants and Scottish working class. The group has written and filmed a letter addressed to the Scottish general public.




Different estimates show a fluctuant population of about 20,000 Spaniards living in Scotland, a large majority of them live in the Scottish Capital. Youth unemployment in Spain has reached over 50%. With many highly qualified citizens, Spain has become one of the countries in Southern Europe with a higher level of migration.

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